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 SONIA Lavington CPC


MEN!!! Yes YOU!! Are you all set to make the transformation from an old way to a new way, work towards releasing all that stress and anxiety your feeling, becoming the real YOU and achieving Mental Wellness and a better future?
Invest in yourself to embark on a Journey into a thought-provoking and creative process​​
                             that inspires you to maximise your true potential.
My name is Sonia 'Sense' Lavington and for over twenty years I have coached people to embark on their own journey of self discovery and to pursue their dreams.  During my career I have specialized with working with men to look at all areas of their lives: to manage their stress and anxieties, in order to achieve mental wellness and to work towards achieving a more balanced, controlled and happy life.  ​​
I am deeply  passionate about coaching individuals, to realise the full potential that we each have within us. By changing our thought process, we can successfully increase our mind to focus and therefore be more effective in achieving our destination.

By having  experienced the death of my husband unexpectedly I have had go through a deepy personal journey to become the person I am now. Through a process of using a set of techniques and skills and maintaining my core values and beliefs, I was able to create a new vision for myself.

We are deepy committed, to coaching individuals in a safe, supportive and confidential manner. Allowing you to set your own targets and enjoy witnessing the benefits that you achieve when you break down the barriers of a restrictive life. Change your mindset and realise your full potential and use it. We use a set of techniques, that have been tried and tested, to show you how to maintain a focussed mind in times of instability and loss of direction. 

We offer a range of coaching ​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​services  ​ along with the normal methods of face to face, phone and video calling, We offer the new method  e-coaching!
The advantage in using the new method of e-coaching  is:-

  • It is a safe, relaxed and comfortable method for you; as you choose your own setting to express yourself and to be able to reflect and learn from your own thoughts.

  • From the start of your coaching program, you will have an account of all that has been said, and you can reference it at anytime.

  • You can plan ahead, draft emails before our sessions start.
  • It is completely confidential, I work in a secure and private location and I take all measures to secure the information of all my clients, in order to comply with Data protection regulations.

It's time  for you to believe you can achieve anything you desire in life!!!
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