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MEN!!! Yes YOU!! Are you all set to make the transformation from an old way to a new way, work towards releasing all that stress and anxiety your feeling, becoming the real YOU and achieving Mental Wellness and a better future?
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Mental Wellness Coaching
On occassions in life a cloak of darkness called depression can consume us all. You find it extremely difficult to deal with daiy life and you will find yourself losing interest in everything. Although we as men and women both suffer the perils of Depression; women tend to handle it better due to the fact that they tend to be able to express their feelings more readily. Men on the otherhand tend to mask their emotions of sadness, helplessness, anxieties and grief by engaging in behaviour that leads them towards 'self destruct mode'; drinking excessively, drug use and most often in men, suicide. ​​

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Relationship Coaching 
We will work together to allow you to set the necessary boundaries in you. So that you can create the love you want to give and what you want to receive. Love is a powerful emotion where, understanding, honesty, trust and integrity are vital components. For you to truly live a loving life, you need to know the love you possess and know how to love yourself first. 
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One to One 
​​Working together, you will receive an unique service tailored to your needs. We will assess, plan, manage and review your path of change as you go along. Feel and see the journey that is yours and only yours.  Unfold a new and positive way forward.
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​​To bridge the gap of  time and distance my I also offer an e-coaching service  which is provided by email, in order for us to build our coaching relationship in a time and space that is suitable to you. The advantage of using email allows you to be able to reflect back on all that was discussed and agreed.  It will also allow you to see your thoughts in black and white. Which is such an exceptionally empowering tool when taking action for change. 
     E-coaching is for individuals that prefer to write down their feelings, thoughts and would like an accurate copy of all correspondance, there is nothing worse than forgetting something that was said in a 'phone call'. 

     You will have your own personal record of sessions for as long as you please and you can draw on it at anytime you desire.

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