Quality E-Coaching, Mental Wellness Coaching, and More

Turn to a professional when you need help and you could reap the benefits of high-quality coaching today. As an experienced mental health coach, I provide a wide range of services that are completely bespoke to your needs. Whether you require one-on-one sessions or e-coaching solutions, there are plenty of options available to you.

Professional Support

My range of services includes: 

>   Mental Wellness Coaching

>   Relationship Coaching

One-to-One Sessions


To bridge the gap of time and distance, I also offer an e-coaching service, which is provided by email, in order for us to build our coaching relationship in a time and space that is suitable to you. The advantage of using email allows you to be able to reflect back on all that was discussed and agreed. It will also allow you to see your thoughts in black and white, which is such an exceptionally empowering tool when taking action for change. 

E-coaching is for individuals that prefer to write down their feelings and thoughts and would like an accurate copy of all correspondence; there is nothing worse than forgetting something that was said during a phone call. You will have your own personal record of sessions for as long as you please and you can draw on it at any time you desire.

Contact me, a skilled mental health coach, to find out more about my e-coaching options.

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